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IMG-20130609-00565Sometimes I forget to say Thank You.

I have been journalling every day, and re-reading entries from the past few months. It is amazing to see the amount of gratitude I express in my writing: it seems that no matter how hard things have been this year I have an able to pull out gems of gratitude for learning, living, being. I love this life.

In March and April things were really going down hill. I was burning out bad even though I was only working part-time, it was still 5 days a week, I was teaching yoga 3-4 times a week, and had my little guy to care for every other spare minute of my life. It seemed like every relationship in my life was strained, or there was some drama attached to multiple interactions with different people, both family and friends. It seemed like everyone was stressed. It was an unusually long winter. My car broke down. The list goes on… It was time to re-assess.  What do I really want?

  • Successful, profitable business that allows me more time for creative endeavors and time with my son.
  • A reliable vehicle.
  • Time.  I need time for me, just me.
  • Space to write and paint.
  • Publish e-books.
  • Record meditations to sell online.
  • Healthy relationships that are balanced in giving and receiving.
  • Time to re-connect with family.
  • Travel.  I desperately want to see the world and visit old friends…

So I make my list, let it go, and trust the universe will supply. May arrives and I’m offered a new job (my dream job in the CYW field), so I give notice on the other job, and feel that is a good balance for time and space, since it allowed me to change Miles daycare hours to be with me more.

"The Power Of Dreams"
“The Power Of Dreams”

June comes and I have a new car, I start making plans with friends. Miles and I take some day trips, we go to Sudbury for a weekend, life is good. July is here, and I hit a mild panic. It seems I have no hours with new job, and no ‘steady’ income for summer. I almost fell into the ‘fear trap.’ Until I started reading my journals. I have everything I asked for, and am so grateful for my time and space.

Last summer I began rebuilding my yoga business, I had one class with 2 students. I was basically teaching to pay the studio rental fee.  This summer I have two full classes, teach a variety of private lessons, workshops, and yoga teacher training. I have classes lined up for the fall, and feel relieved to have some space over the month of August to enjoy time with Miles and friends and family.

Over the years as business and life have fluctuated I have had a handful of yoga students who have stayed by my side, and without them my business would have never had the opportunity to continue and grow.


French River
French River

THANK YOU to all my students, both old and new, for sharing this journey of yoga with me!

Thank you to Betsie and Patti who helped me get classes going again last summer! Thank you to Gwen, Elizabeth, Karen and Victoria who joined classes right from the beginning with ‘Guru Heart Yoga’! To George and Glennis who discovered us when we expanded into ‘Crescent Moon Healing Arts’, and continued to walk by my side through this crazy path!  Thank you to ALL the students who continued to be in touch, to recommend my classes, and follow my blogs.  Thank you to my yoga-teacher-trainees Jenn, Julie, Michelle, Stacie, Maryanne, and Martha; and the new trainees Alison, Elizabeth, Joanne and Darla.

Thank you to my mom who helped me start my business as Guru Heart Yoga in her living room! Thank you to Tony for taking a chance on my business and renting me my first studio space Crescent Moon Healing Arts in Port Hope. Thank you to Chris at United Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who rented me space when I began teaching in Cobourg, thank you to Kari of Shimmy Dance for opening her space to us for the summer months, and thank you to Darlene at the House Of Wellness for helping my business expand in September.

It has been such an amazing and powerful 9 years on this path of yoga and business since I graduated from my training in 2004. So incredible to watch everyone grow and change and evolve in their lives.

I must have hundreds of people I could thank in this blog… and if you have not been named do not assume you have been forgotten. I am grateful to you all for your support, lessons and love.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. You forgot to thank one very important person, Jenni. But it is okay because all of us have already done that for you. Thank YOU, Jenni. Of course all of us together are that one very important person, thanking and thanked. Namaste.

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