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Yoga = Peace

peace john and yokoI recently discovered Bloggers For Peace (B4Peace).  The idea is to blog once a month about peace, connect with others blogging for peace, and as a result we help spread the love. Or peace.

My whole life I have unconsciously been striving for peace (perhaps we all are?). At least it was unconscious for most of my life; once I realized that is what I was searching for it was kind of easy to achieve. Kind of…

Once I knew what I wanted at the core of my being I could at least make choices to align with a peaceful way of living. I have had to do a lot of ‘detoxing’ over the last few years, mostly of toxic relationships and situations, and since re-creating this lovely life of mine I feel much more at ease.  At peace.

Yoga has helped instill a deep sense of peace within me. It has helped keep me strong and clear at the center of much chaos. The yoga sutras say “When we are firmly established in non-violence, all beings around us cease to feel hostility.” I like to believe this, although have yet to see it.

Still I strive ahead in peace, even when others challenge me to be my worst, and continue to hope everyone else will someday take responsibility for their own inner peace too, for only then will there be peace in the world.

If you want to be a blogger for peace check out the details here!

Peace, Light and Love to you all!

4 thoughts on “Yoga = Peace”

  1. Thank you! Although I have just started, but I too feel like yoga has helped me achieve being at ease when I live in the middle of the city. 🙂 I’m now more at peace than I was 2 months ago! And I really think that yoga will really help me achieve stillness and single pointedness especially since I have to handle working with surgeons in the operating rooms in my line of work. Thank you for finding Bloggers for Peace and thank you for your blog. 😀

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