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Pre-natal And Post-natal Yoga

Pregnancy was one of the biggest challenges I have had to face in my life.  My little guy is now two years old, and I feel so blessed at how our lives has blossomed and grown.

Here are a few blogs I wrote during and after my pregnancy in 2011:

yoga baby belly pigeon

During the last three years I have made it through a move to British Columbia and back (while pregnant), I left a very unhealthy relationship, I made a new home for me and my son while finishing my third year of college (and graduating on the Dean’s List), I continue to build my business while also working part-time in my field of Child and Youth Work.

I went from feeling stuck, depressed and hopeless; to the peaceful life I have longed for my entire life.

To any emotional moms, or expecting moms, who feel stuck, depressed or hopeless, don’t give up.  Reach out and get the help you need to create the life you and your family deserve.

Peace to all.

2 thoughts on “Pre-natal And Post-natal Yoga”

  1. I shared with my niece who is now 5 and a half months pregnant. She takes my class and was complaining the other night about being so tired!

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