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Realize Your Potential

Well, I finally made it to Pinterest!  It took a Canadian competition to give me the kick in the butt I needed to get there.  It’s been on my list of social-media-building and business marketing goals for awhile.  What I realized is, I’ve been missing out!  Feel free to check out my first Pinboard “How I Realize The Potential“.  Follow me, and I will follow you!

Making this board gave me another chance to reminisce over my nine years as a yoga instructor and business woman.  It reminded me how far I have come, and how far I can still go if I so choose.  Business has grown, changed, transformed, and continues to.

My teaching has become more focused and clear as my own yoga practice has deepened.  Over the years my teaching and practice has become more and more gentle.  It is about inner stillness and peace.  Breathing, being aware of energy, allowing a sense of openness to move through my body and life.  It’s about letting go.  Trusting.  Taking action from a place of peace and strength.  Believing in myself even when life and people challenge to bring out my worst.

Thank you Pinterest (or should I say Mastercard?  It was their competition) for reminding me of my potential.  Thank you yoga, for fulfilling it.


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