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Mother’s Retreat

baby krishnaHappy Mother’s Day!

This year as Mother’s Day has been approaching I have been reflecting a lot on motherhood.  Wow, what a journey.

I have also made a point of no longer neglecting my own needs.  I have started investing in my own health, and really working on finding a balance in my life so I no longer feel so depleted.  My Mother’s Day gift to myself is renewal of self.

As a result of this reflection, I was thinking about all the other women and mother’s who also drive themselves to the point of exhaustion and burn-out.  Women in general have a habit of putting everyone else’s needs before their own.  This led me to another idea…

To host a Mother’s Day Retreat.  I collaborated with a dear friend, also a natural health therapist, who owns a small and lovely piece of property in the country.  We decided to give this day-retreat idea a try.


Sunday, May 19th, 2013

10am – 4pm

Hosted by Alison Clarke and Jenni Burke.

Mothers and women alike treat  yourself to a day for YOU!

Held in a small country home in Colborne, ON.

For $80 our day will include gentle yoga, guided meditation, learning self-reflexology, making your own essential oil blend, reflective writing and sharing our wisdom!  You will go home with a package of resources  you can use daily in your life for self-care and nurturing.

Please bring a lunch, we will supply tea and snacks!

Email to register.


For all the moms reading this blog, what advice or wisdom do you have to share with us on Mother’s Day?

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Retreat”

  1. Hi Jennie

    Don’t forget to mention those mother’s who didn’t give birth to you !

    There are a lot of women who end up mothering you a little bit here & there. Sometimes you don’t notice it until later – when you think back over what they did for you !

    I was telling my kids last night – there are 2 ways of being a mother – 1 you give birth to someone & 2 you love & care for & teach someone. Some women choose only one of these ways to mother, while others choose both !


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