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Vision, Creation And Manifestation

Vision has always been effortless for me.  I am a vivid dreamer, deep thinker, and intuitive mover.  Thoughts of failure or fear were rarely an issue, if I had an idea I would plunge fully into it.  Either it would work out or it wouldn’t, right?  No big deal.

As I’ve grown and matured many projects have been started, a few finished, and many abandoned.  The one consistent piece that has stayed with me over the years is my vision as a teacher, and my vision of yoga.  Although the ideas change and transform, yoga never leaves my conscious mind.  Not just yoga as the physical practice, but as the deep inner connection it creates within myself and extends out to others and the all the subtle energies at work in the universe.

I have built every yoga vision to it’s full peak, and then let them deteriorate from under me.  I built business up once, and then returned to college full time.  I built it up a second time, and then I moved to British Columbia and had a baby.  Business is currently on built number three, with big visions ahead.

Blogs, books, meditations, videos, communities, classes, workshops, travel…

One step at a time.

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