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Well, here goes my shameless Facebook plug!

The Gentle Way Of Hatha Facebook page has been slow to gain ‘Likes’ so if you are enjoying and following our blog, I invite you to join us on Facebook as well!

On Facebook we have regular updates about classes, workshops, and share inspiring quotes, photos and art.  We network with other teachers, fellow students, and other yoga lovers.  When you like us on Facebook you will have more yoga resources at your fingertips!


Spring is a lovely time of year to start or continue your yoga practice.  It helps ground the outburst of energy we often feel with this restless transition from the cold darkness of winter.  It is a time of rebirth and renewal, a time of great inspiration and excellent time to plant your seeds of intent for the year ahead.

Yoga will help detox the body of the sluggish winter energy, and replace it with a refreshing balanced spring energy!

Our spring yoga session begins March 18th, 2013 and will run in a six week session.  All classes are currently being held in Cobourg, Ontario.

Let your yoga blossom like the earth this spring!

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