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Tuesday Yoga Blog

These Tuesday blogs have flowed pretty well up until today 🙂  I still have lots of ideas and drafts started for future blogs, but today trying to write a blog after an all-nighter with a sleepless child is a challenge.  So instead, here are some links to other great yoga resources!

Yoga Journal’s website is an amazing yoga resource, one of my favorites for referring students to help with their home practice!

Have you ever been to a Yoga Conference?  March 2013 brings The Yoga Conference to Toronto, Ontario.  It is an amazing congregation of teachers, classes, workshops and yoga accessories.  If  you are in the area and want to check it out, be sure to preregister for the classes online!

This week I finished reading “Buddha” by Deepak Chopra.  Buddhism is what drew me to yoga, after years of practicing meditation.  This book brought me back to the deep understanding of the yoga philosophies, and reminded me of the importance of not judging, not clinging, and of living a compassionate life.  I highly recommend reading this inspiring story, although it is written as fiction it is based on the life of Buddha.

If you want to learn more about yoga philosophy, this book “The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali” translated by Alistair Shearer is the best one I have discovered.  It has a thorough introduction to the sutras, and the sutras are translated in a simple and straight-forward language.  I even use this as our text book in our Yoga Teacher Training!

So there is our Tuesday morning blog… four references for you to check out until next week!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Yoga Blog”

  1. Oh I know that feeling all too well… I also spent my day yesterday struggling to stay awake at my desk, all the while wondering not just how I would get my daughter home, fed, and into bed (hopefully), but also how I would keep myself alert enough to work on my upcoming post.
    Your post was awfully coherent for coming on the heels of an up-all-nighter, though. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’m always looking for good books on Buddhism. I’ll definitely check this one out.

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