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Cobourg Yoga 2013

Starting in the New Year ‘The Gentle Way Of Hatha’ will be offering two group classes in Cobourg on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.  Check out the link to see schedule and price details.  Private lessons are also available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9am – 2pm.

Often we start our New Year resolutions around this time, committing to fitness classes and other ‘get in shape’ goals that filter out as our ambition fades after the first month or two… Yoga is a gentle practice that tones the body and calms the mind.  I highly recommend it as a long-term source of well-being for 2013!


In our group yoga classes we spend one hour on a total body stretch, with gentle movements, deep breathing, and a final relaxation.  Classes are very gentle, meditative and are beginner friendly.  Extra emphasis is placed on Pranayama, building our energy, and finding a sense of inner peace and balance.


Private lessons are ideal for people who want to deepen the physical practice of Asana.  Private lessons work well for those who may be hesitant to start with a group, or who have an injury or other limitations they may want to be extra cautious of.

We still focus on Pranayama and Sivasana (relaxation) but we can tailor the  yoga stretches for your individual needs.  Private lessons are also great for people who wish to start their own home practice but may not know where to start.  We work together to create a routine that is suitable for you to practice on your own.


I must admit, I look forward to putting 2012 behind me and starting fresh in 2013!  Yoga classes were slow to take off, but due to the support of my previously committed students we got the ball rolling!

This year brought my graduation as a Child and Youth Worker and I have been working part-time in this field while I continue to channel energy into growing my yoga classes.

Blogging has been a huge part of this year.  Writing is a passion I have had since I was young, and it is amazing to see how this blog has grown and changed over the last few years.  Thank you to all the readers and followers, please stay in touch!  You can find us on Facebook too, I have been answering questions and connecting with people around the world there!

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Wishing everyone a peaceful New Year full of Love and Success!  Namaste ~

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