Lovely summary and/or addition to the fourth step “pranayama” 🙂

The Accidental Yogi


The Short Version: Use Rhythmic breathing (inhale for a count of four and exhale for a count of four) to override the stress response and positively influence how you see the world.

The Full Version, with explanations:

When we get angry, fearful, or begin to experience any other extreme emotion, our breathing cycle changes, and as it does, our body and mind undergo rapid physiological transformations. Yet, conversely, if we manage to steady ourselves for just a moment, during those turbulent emotional states, and we pause to take a slow, deep breath, everything begins to settle down as our mind drifts back to a calm state and our body releases tension.

These observations on breathing cycles and how changing the rhythm of our breath can instantly generate changes in our mental, emotional and physical states of being aren’t anything new. They’ve been understood and practiced for millennia, by the yogis…

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