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Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

I was recently asked to guest-blog for Black Box Warnings.  It is an inspiring blog with an eclectic group of writers.  All people who have faced some form of challenge with AD(H)D, mood disorders, medications or other life-altering experiences with mental health.  These people are my heroes: They are brave, courageous and fearlessly sharing with others what few of us can.

Now I am one of them?  Here comes the anxiety…

A few of you know about my struggle with depression after I had my baby.  However, few know about my life-long struggles with depression.  In fact, until just two or three years ago I was sort of unaware of it myself.  As I learned about the stigmas of mental health in my second year of college, the red flags started to go off.  When my depression hit in the middle of that first semester, it was time to get help.

Tomorrow morning my guest blog will be posted.  As I wrote it, it went through many drafts.  There was  a lot I removed for fear of being offensive, misleading, or hurtful.  That is not the intent of the post.  The blog is about my journey through life, from childhood to now, and I decided to finally share my story in hopes that others can find their peace as I have found mine, even in the chaos.  I owe my well-being to yoga, and if it can help others, I do not want to hide these experiences because of my own fears and stigmas of mental health.

Everyone has a story.  There is no such thing as normal, and no such thing as a perfect family.  Why as a society do we try and argue otherwise?   We are not alone; and remember there is beauty and strength in imperfection.  We are each unique, yet on some level very much the same.  Embrace it and live your truth.

13 thoughts on “Overcoming Mental Health Stigma”

  1. Jenni,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your post on BBW. I will promote you wherever I can. It was a wonderful post. And I know how much work you’ve put behind it.
    Le Clown

  2. Thank you for sharing this!!! Working in the mental health field I see first hand how little people know about mental health. Depression, anxiety, addiction all carry stigmas that are difficult to shake off.

    I try my best to dispel any stigmas as best I can but it’s truly a beautiful thing when we can help ourselves and others by giving and giving back with things like running and yoga!! I only wish these means were recognized as truly beneficial by most health professionals.

    (Rant done)

  3. I’m new to your blog, but love BBW – just blogged there myself not too long ago….good people, for sure. I’m looking forward to reading your post and if it’s as well written as this one, I know I won’t be disappointed. You stopped by and “followed” my blog, now I’m happy to say, I’ll be following yours. Good luck and welcome…..we’ve been waiting for you. xoJulia

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