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Yoga, Manifestation and Writing

Creative VisualizationThis is a quote, or some may call an affirmation, by Shakti Gawain.  In my early twenties I stumbled upon some of her books, and one included a deck of cards with inspiring words.

Everything this woman wrote resonated for me.   Much of what she shared or suggested were things I had done as a teenager, like writing down a list of all the things you want to achieve in life; without any limitations.

Limitation is not a word I believe in.  Perhaps that is why manifestation has seemed so effortless in my life.  I think it, I feel it, I create it.  Somehow.

I often reflect on how miraculous my life seems to me.  I look at the lists of things I wrote down in the last 17 years of my life, and I have achieved almost every single one.

The most amazing was becoming a certified yoga instructor, opening my yoga studio, and living the life of my dreams.  A crisis changed the direction of my life after four years, and I made a new set of goals.  I have now achieved all of them.

Currently my goal is to integrate writing into my self-employment, along with my art, yoga and Child and Youth Work.  These blogs have been a part of that growth and goal.  As I continue to write other opportunities are presenting themselves, and I will be sharing writing on other blogs in the future.

I have also discovered NaNo, and decided I would use this month as a challenge to write my first novel.  Fiction at that (wish me luck).  Even if it is no success, I feel that my life is really being drawn into the world of written word, and so I am trusting the direction my instincts are leading me.

Sometimes I wonder how I make the time for all these things I dream of: and I read that card ‘I am relaxed, and centered, and have plenty of time for everything.’  And then I make a schedule.  For the month of November I will write 2000 words every night, between 8-12pm; and be grateful for my peaceful, sleeping baby.

3 thoughts on “Yoga, Manifestation and Writing”

  1. How perfectly apt. The sentiment on the card made me guffaw – seeing as it’s NaNoWriMo.

    All the very best with your novel. May it shine. 🙂

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