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Yoga | Art | Blogging

Photo Credit Kaitlin Appleman


Please feel free to check out my new blog (Yes, really another blog).

It is an experimental blog, where I am trying to post three entries a day to see how quickly it can grow.

So far it has covered some autumn photography and other art.  In the future I want to link with other WordPress bloggers (please let me know if you are interested, or pass on if you know someone who is), and create discussion on a realm of topics or ideas.

If you are interested in yoga, art, blogging, writing, travelling or really just life in general please check out the new blog and follow me!

I am also hoping to gain more followers to this blog (The Gentle Way Of Hatha) so please feel free to share, like or reblog!

Also, suggestions for growth or feedback on entries is welcome!


Jenni Burke.

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