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Jenni Burke Yoga Needs A New Name

Calling all creative yogis and yoginis!  My business needs a new name, and I need your help!

In September 2004 I opened my first business “Guru Heart Yoga”.  It was a micro-business… so small.  Just a handful of devoted students, being taught in my mother’s living room.  It grew so fast I expanded into a down town studio space in January 2005 and renamed the business “Crescent Moon Healing Arts.”

Naming a business means a lot to me.  A name holds the integrity or intention of what your service is.  When I started as a teacher I used “Guru Heart Yoga” because Guru means spiritual teacher and I believe the deep purpose of yoga (which is the guru/teacher, not me!) is to open our hearts so we can give and receive love freely.  When I expanded the business I wanted a different name that encompassed more then just spiritual teachings of the heart.  The new studio space was more then just yoga lessons, there were other therapists offering reiki, reflexology and craniosacral therapy.  I decided on “Crescent Moon Healing Arts” because there is a  yoga pose called crescent moon, and the healing arts summed up the rest of the services available at our studio.  Plus I just love the symbolism of the moon.

Now the business has changed again, and I am in limbo over a name.  I now focus on private lessons and groups.  I teach at a variety of venues, and have no permanent space of my own.  The intent would be to have a name that I could use in a new studio space, possibly across the country.  A name that encompasses yoga, whole-life-living, and wellness.

With my fresh Child and Youth Worker diploma under my belt, the new business will also incorporate working with families, children and teens.  We will offer therapeutic workshops using art and writing.  Other practical tools such as time management, stress management and goal setting will be offered.  I need a name that will encompass it all.

Send me your ideas!  I will be collecting names over the summer, and will pick three finals.  Then I am going to use a survey with my students to choose the final name and help make my decision.

The winner of the naming will receive a free fall yoga session.

Just a note: Google your ideas before you send them in to make sure the name isn’t already taken for another business!  Send your naming to and be sure to include your contact info as well.

I look forward to your suggestions, and celebrating a new phase of yoga in September 2012!


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