Women, Hormones And Yoga

Since I became pregnant my hormones, correction, my emotions have been out of whack.

Now that my menstrual cycle has started again, I am dis-hearted to discover the hormonal rage I attributed to pregnancy alone has lived on.  So what is a girl to do?

Learn to understand your cycle, and try yoga.

Yoga can help because it brings you back to your center.  It forces you to be where you are, where you need to be, and accept both.  Yoga works because as you move through the postures you are also massaging internal organs and glands.  This internal massage has the potential to balance your hormones, which can help bring our emotions back into balance too.

Deep breathing will help bring oxygen into the bloodstream and uplift a mood in only minutes.  Plus you are detoxifying the body by pushing out old stale air, and slough off those old cells.

Beyond yoga there are a multitude of healthy outlets such as walking, running, and any exercise that gets the heart going.  Art, writing, and uplifting music can help too.  Explore your emotions, the root of them and think of the hormones as the trigger to deeper learning about yourself and life.

Diet counts for a lot: you may consider charting your intake of food.  What are you eating and when?  Do you see a pattern in mood associated to food along with your cycle?  Research soy as it has a high estrogen content, which can be unhealthy to consume in large doses.

And don’t forget to talk.  Whether it is a friend or a therapist, find someone you trust that can listen without judgement.  If nothing you do helps, talk to your doctor.

Remember you are not alone, you are not crazy, and it is time to listen to your body and its wisdom.

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