Yoga For New Moms

Mom and Baby yoga has become well known for new moms looking for ways to get fit with their babies.  One of the best advantages to Mom and Baby yoga is that you don’t need a babysitter, the baby comes and bonds with you while you stretch.

I am currently in the 5th month of my first pregnancy and was recently asked if I would be interested in teaching a Mom and Baby yoga class.  At first I resisted because I have never participated in this type of yoga class, but after some discussion and encouragement with another teacher we decided to design another type of class:  Yoga For New Moms.

In our class we have two teachers (a yoga teacher to focus on the moms and a Montessori teacher for the babies), and the goal of the class is for the moms to come and rest and rejuvinate without having to worry about their baby.

In Yoga For New Moms, the baby is welcome to stay with the mother and they can focus on bonding during the yoga class but the baby is also welcome to explore the Montessori environment in the shared studio space.

In Yoga For New Moms the mother is encouraged to take advantage of the time to help herself wind down and relax from the daily stresses of adjusting to life as a new mother.

Time is made at the end of class for discussion and all topics are welcome with the hopes of supporting one another through these amazing life transitions of motherhood.

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